Books read in 2019, offered without comment

  Title   Author
  Wings Over Manhattan   Don D’Ammassa
  Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud   Shaun Considine
  Inside the Wicker Man: How Not to Make a Cult Classic   Allan Brown
  Golden Age, The   Jeff Deischer
  Vanguard: Season Two: A Superhero Adventure   Percival Constantine
  Once a Marshal (A Sheriff Ben Stillman Western)   Peter Brandvold
  Last Days of August, The   Jon Ronson
  Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-Year Battle Between Marvel and DC   Reed Tucker
  Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick, The   Mallory O’Meara
  Overbee Files Volume 1   L. G. Smith
  Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula   Bram Stoker, Valdimar √Āsmundsson
  All Those Explosions Were Someone Else’s Fault: A Novel   James Alan Gardner
  Knightwatch: Invictus X (Invictaverse Book 1)   Mark Ellis
  Super Powereds: Year 1   Drew Hayes
  Die a Little   Megan Abbott
  Super-History: Comic Book Superheroes and American Society, 1938 to the Present   Jeffrey K. Johnson
  Creature from the Black Lagoon Unauthorized Quiz Book: Mini Horror Quiz Collection #8   Killian H. Gore
  Edison’s Frankenstein   Frederick C. Wiebel Jr.
  Fuller Life, A: Hollywood, Ed Wood, and Me,   Dolores Fuller
  Mummy’s Hand at the Center of the Universe, The   Nathan Cabaniss
  Enterprise NCC 1701 and the Model Maker, The   N. Datin McDonald and Richard C. Datin, Jr.
  Hollywood Rat Race   Ed Wood
  Trouble with Scarlett, The: A Novel of Golden-Era Hollywood (Hollywood’s Garden of Allah Novels Book 2)   Martin Turnbull
  Catalyst, The: Steel City Heroes – Book 1   C. M. Raymond and L. E. Barbant
  Room 1219: The Life of Fatty Arbuckle, the Mysterious Death of Virginia Rappe, and the Scandal That Changed Hollywood   Greg Merritt
  LEGO: A Love Story   Jonathan Bender
  Meddling Kids   Edgar Cantero
  Stunt Man’s Holiday   John Whitlatch
  Con Artist, The: A Novel   Fred Van Lente
  House of the Toad, The   Richard L. Tierney
  Art of LEGO Design, The: Creative Ways to Build Amazing Models   Jordan Schwartz
  Carmilla   J. Sheridan Le Fanu
  Carter & Lovecraft: A Novel   Jonathan L. Howard
  After the End of the World   Jonathan L. Howard
  Carrie   Stephen King
  Brazen: A Valentino Mystery   Loren D. Estleman
  Black Dog, The   Georgena Goff
  Kim Jong-Il Production, A: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker, His Star Actress, and a Young Dictator’s Rise to Power   Paul Fischer

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