(Un)dead tree edition coming soon

Monster Hunter for Hire (Supernatural Solutions: The Marc Temple Casefiles – Volume 1) is only available as an ebook . . . but that’s going to change soon. Right now, I’m experiencing the longest three-to-five business days I’ve known as a writer while I wait for a proof of Monster Hunter for Hire to hit my mailbox. If all goes well, I’d expect to see a print edition of the book to be ready by the end of next week.


In the meantime, I’m working on two new Marc Temple stories for Supernatural Solutions – Volume 2 while creating some necessary background material for 6-Day Rotation (my upcoming series of superhero prose novels). Speaking of which, I plan on using ARCHIVOS to build and support the world of 6-Day Rotation. If you haven’t explored ARCHIVOS, I highly recommend it. Head over to https://archivos.digital/ and give it a look-see yourself! (The Basic membership is FREE! What do you have to lose?!?)

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