What I Read and Watched – June 2019

To continue the monthly breakdown I started at the beginning of the year, here’s the breakdown, offered without comment.



Always Be My Maybe (Feature, 2019)
Dragon of Love (Short, 2003)
Still Ill (Short, 2019)
Hand of Death (Feature, 1962)
Mr. No Legs (Feature, 1978)
Corvato (Short, 2019)
I Am Mother (Feature, 2019)
Frankenfake (Feature, 2013)
Devil-Doll, The (Feature, 1936)
Jesse James vs. the Daltons (Feature, 1954)
Tormented (Feature, 1960)
Fistful of Bullets, aka Once Upon a Time in the War (Short, 2018)
Invisible Agent (Feature, 1942)
Return of Doctor X, The (Feature, 1939)
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Feature, 2019)
Show Business (Short, 1932)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (Feature, 2019)



Creature from the Black Lagoon Unauthorized Quiz Book by Killian H. Gore
Edison’s Frankenstein by Frederick C. Wiebel, Jr.
A Fuller Life: Hollywood, Ed Wood, and Me by Dolores Fuller
The Mummy’s Hand at the Center of the Universe by Nathan Cabaniss
The Enterprise NCC 1701 and the Model Maker by N. Datin McDonald and Richard C. Datin, Jr.
Hollywood Rat Race by Ed Wood

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