Movies watched in 2019, offered without comment

  Title   Year   Genre     Length  
  Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla   1974   Tokusatsu     Feature  
  Bird Box   2018   Horror     Feature  
  In Search of Dracula   1975   Documentary     Feature  
  Boris in the Forest   2015   Horror     Short  
  American Meme, The   2018   Documentary     Feature  
  Dolor   2018   Drama     Short  
  Untogethered   2016   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened   2019   Documentary     Feature  
  Rage of the Mummy   2018   Horror     Feature  
  Wicker Man, The (Director’s Cut)   1973   Horror     Feature  
  Avengers: Infinity War   2018   Superhero     Feature  
  Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit   2018   Documentary     Feature  
  Klondike Kate   1943   Western     Feature  
  Extinction   2018   Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Abducted in Plain Sight   2017   Documentary     Feature  
  Mississippi Gambler, The   1953   Western     Feature  
  Conquest of Cochise   1953   Western     Feature  
  Requeim for a Gringo   1968   Spaghetti


  Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror   1968   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Vampire’s Ghost, The   1945   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Souls of Totality   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Hot Lead Hard Fury   2018   Acton     Feature  
  Blood of the Mummy   2018   Horror     Feature  
  R’ha   2013   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Apocalypse Now Now   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Little Thing   2018   Animated     Short  
  Night at the Garden, A   2017   Documentary     Short  
  House on Haunted Hill   1959   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Memoir   2016   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Pets   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  House of Wax   1953   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Plan 9 From Outer Space   1959   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Lake of Dracula   1971   Horror     Feature  
  Captain Marvel   2019   Superhero     Feature  
  Vampire Doll, The   1970   Horror     Feature  
  Nano   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Dinosaurus!   1960   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Clockwork Monsters: The Art and Automata of Thomas J. Kuntz   2018   Documentary     Short  
  4D Man (Hosted by Svengoolie)   1959   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Promise, The (La promesa)   2011   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Better Place, A   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  From Hell It Came   1957   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Movie Fight   2018   Comedy     Short  
  Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, The   2019   Documentary     Feature  
  Planeta Bur   1962   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet   1965   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women   1968   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Metropolis   1927   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Evil of Dracula   1974   Horror     Feature  
  Corpse Vanishes, The (Hosted by Midnite Mausoleum)   1942   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy (Santo en la venganza de la momia)   1971   Luchador     Feature  
  Curse of the Crying Woman, The (La maldición de la Llorona   1963   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Fake, The   1953   Classic Thriller     Feature  
  Jesse James vs. the Daltons   1954   Western     Feature  
  Masterson of Kansas   1954   Western     Feature  
  Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & the Wolfman (Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo)   1973   Luchador     Feature  
  Cam   2018   Thriller     Feature  
  Terror in the Wax Museum   1973   Horror     Feature  
  Here Comes Carter   1936   Classic Comedy     Feature  
  Larceny, Inc.   1942   Classic Comedy     Feature  
  Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & the Wolfman (Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo)   1973   Luchador     Feature  
  Avengers: Endgame   2019   Superhero     Feature  
  Hellish Spiders (Arañas infernales)   1968   Luchador     Feature  
  House on Haunted Hill   1959   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis (Santo contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida)   1970   Luchador     Feature  
  Queen of Snakes   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Torchy Gets Her Man   1938   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Island of Terror   1966   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Mighty Gorga, The   1969   Classic Horror     Feature  
  What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine   2018   Documentary     Feature  
  Couch, The   1962   Classic Thriller     Feature  
  Bride of Frankenstein   1935   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Date with the Falcon, A   1941   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Legend of El Hombre Lobo, The   2018   Horror     Short  
  Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter   1966   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Hole in the Ground, The   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Falcon Takes Over, The   1942   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  House of Ghosts   2012   Horror     Feature  
  Night Must Fall   1964   Classic Thriller     Feature  
  Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much   2017   Documentary     Feature  
  Attack the Dojo!   2019   Comedy     Short  
  Torchy Blane in Chinatown   1939   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Us   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Perfection, The   2018   Horror     Feature  
  Nun, The   2018   Horror     Feature  
  Condemned to Live   1935   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Woman Who Came Back, The   1945   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Always Be My Maybe   2019   Comedy     Feature  
  Dragon of Love   2003   Comedy     Short  
  Still Ill   2019   Documentary     Short  
  Hand of Death   1962   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Mr. No Legs   1978   Acton     Feature  
  Corvalo   2016   Horror     Short  
  I Am Mother   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Frankenfake   2013   Documentary     Feature  
  Devil-Doll, The   1936   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Tormented   1960   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Fistful of Bullets, aka Once Upon A Time in the War   2018   Western     Short  
  Invisible Agent   1942   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Return of Doctor X, The   1939   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile   2019   Thriller     Feature  
  Show Business   1932   Classic Comedy     Short  
  Spider-Man: Far From Home   2019   Superhero     Feature  
  Thirty Minutes or Less: Love at First Slice   2019   Comedy     Short  
  Satanic Rites of Dracula, The   1973   Horror     Feature  
  Long Shot   2017   Documentary     Short  
  Godzilla vs The Thing   1964   Tokusatsu     Feature  
  Godzilla vs Wolfman   1983   Tokusatsu     Short  
  Missile to the Moon   1958   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Cat-Women of the Moon   1953   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Crossed   2018   Acton     Short  
  Eagle Has Landed: The Flight of Apollo 11   1969   Documentary     Short  
  Torchy Runs for Mayor   1939   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein   2019   Comedy     Short  
  Falcon Strikes Back, The   1943   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Man Without a Body, The   1957   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Lego Movie 2, The: The Second Part   2019   Animated     Feature  
  Bay of Blood, A   1971   Horror     Feature  
  Black Sunday   1960   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Giant from the Unknown   1958   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Zari   2014   Sci-Fi     Short  
  On/Off   2013   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Masseuse, The   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Manster, The   1959   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Jack of All Trades   2018   Documentary     Feature  
  Art of Racing in the Rain, The   2019   Drama     Feature  
  Secret Obsession   2019   Thriller     Feature  
  Falcon in Danger, The   1943   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Twinsanity   2018   Thriller     Feature  
  Secret World of Foley, The   2014   Documentary     Short  
  Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The   2018   Drama     Feature  
  Man Who Cheated Himself, The   1950   Classic Mystery     Feature  
  Taking Lives   2014   Thriller     Feature  
  Captive, The   2014   Thriller     Feature  
  Shining Through   1992   Drama     Feature  
  Beast Wishes   2012   Documentary     Feature  
  Live   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Power, The   1968   Classic Sci-Fi     Feature  
  Obliteration of the Chickens, The   2019   Horror     Short  
  Backwoods   2018   Horror     Short  
  Red Moon   2018   Horror     Short  
  Cultist Next Door, The   2019   Horror     Short  
  Planet of the Vampires   1965   Classic Horror     Feature  
  1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year   2009   Documentary     Feature  
  Malevolent   2018   Horror     Feature  
  From Beyond the Grave   1974   Horror     Feature  
  Wolf Man, The   1941   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Velvet Vampire   1971   Horror     Feature  
  Count Yorga, Vampire   1970   Horror     Feature  
  Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural   1973   Horror     Feature  
  Prisoner of Perdition, The   2017   Horror     Short  
  Shining, The   1980   Horror     Feature  
  Haunted Palace, The   1963   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Cultist Next Door, The   2019   Horror     Short  
  Oujia Mummy   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Tingler, The   1959   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Color Out of Space   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Witchboard   1986   Horror     Feature  
  In the Tall Grass   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Seam   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Bad Seed, The   1956   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Seven Brothers Meet Dracula, The   1974   Horror     Feature  
  Last Incantation, The   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Gun Fingers   2017   Comedy     Short  
  Ritual, The   2012   Horror     Short  
  Lot254   2012   Horror     Short  
  Midsommar   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Witchtrap   1989   Horror     Feature  
  Unsinkable Molly Brown, The   1964   Classic Drama     Feature  
  House in Marsh Road, The   1960   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Slaughterbots   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Witches, The   1966   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Bleeding Game, The   2018   Horror     Feaure  
  Witchboard 2   1993   Horror     Feature  
  Witchcraft   1988   Horror     Feature  
  Fighting with My Family   2019   Drama     Feature  
  Uninvited, The   1944   Classic Horror     Feature  
  An Idle Mind Is the Devil’s Playground   2016   Horror     Feature  
  Homicidal   1961   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Psychette: William Castle and ‘Homicidal’   2002   Documentary     Short  
  Strait-Jacket   1964   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Battle-Axe: The Making of ‘Strait-Jacket’   2002   Documentary     Short  
  Naked Monster, The   2005   Horror     Feature  
  Nanny, The   1965   Classic Thriller     Feature  
  How My Dad Killed Dracula   2008   Horror     Short  
  13 Frightened Girls   1963   Classic Thriller     Feature  
  Tomb of Ligeia, The   1964   Classic Horror     Feature  
  House of Long Shadows   1983   Horror     Feature  
  Rattlesnake   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Mister Sticks   2018   Horror     Short  
  Ghost Rider   1982   Documentary     Short  
  Screaming Skull, The   1958   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Weird Woman   1944   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Dracula (‘Restored’ Fan Edit)   1931   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Dark Intruder   1965   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Queen of Snakes   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Return of Dracula, The   1958   Classic Horror     Feature  
  House of the Gorgon   2019   Classic Horror     Feature  
  How My Dad Killed Dracula   2008   Horror     Short  
  Dracula vs. Frankenstein   1971   Classic Horror     Feature  
  Legend of El Hombre Lobo, The   2018   Horror     Short  
  AFOL: A Blocumentary   2017   Documentary     Short  
  Man of a Thousand Faces, The   1957   Classic Drama     Feature  
  Man Behind a Thousand Faces, The   2019   Documentary     Short  
  Annabelle Comes Home   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Tell Me Who I Am   2019   Documentary     Feature  
  Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the Job   2000   Comedy     Short  
  CC   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  How to Be Human   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Kid, The   2018   Sci-Fi     Short  
  They Watch   2016   Sci-Fi     Short  
  World of Darkness   2017   Documentary     Feature  
  Gamers, The: Dorkness Rising   2008   Fantasy     Feature  
  Custom Order   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  World Builder   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Seventh Victim, The   1943   Classic Horror     Feauture  
  It Chapter Two   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Make Due or Mend   2019   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Phoenix Run   2013   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Tonight I Strike   2013   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Untogethered   2016   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Nano   2017   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Loon Lake   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator   2019   Documentary     Feature  
  Burnt Offerings   1976   Horror     Feature  
  Brightburn   2019   Horror     Feature  
  We Were Not Made for This World   2014   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Long Slow Flight Of The Ashbot   2015   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Orbit   2019   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Explosions   2012   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Lucy’s Tale   2018   Horror     Short  
  Home Education   2016   Horror     Short  
  Curse of La Llorona, The   2019   Horror     Feature  
  Night of Dark Shadows   1971   Horror     Feature  
  Gun That Won the West, The   1955   Western     Feature  
  Battle of Rogue River, The   1954   Western     Feature  
  Monster Maker, The   1944   Classic Horror     Feature  
  State of the Union   2015   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Regulation   2019   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Day One   2019   Sci-Fi     Short  
  What’s To Come: Christmas Tradition   2019   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Universe of Scotch and Häagen Dazs, The   2016   Sci-Fi     Short  
  Wreck-It Ralph   2012   Animated     Feature  

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